• No Bending or Kneeling

• No Weeds

• Space Efficiency

• Attractive Design

• Maximum Root Growth

• Cost Savings

• Secure Supply of Food


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• Customized Design

• Pest Control

• Location Flexibility

• Better for the Planet

• Good for the Soul

• Vitamin Packed Vegetables

No Gophers





The OverHead Garden is a new design for urban gardeners. It's a breakthrough design that finally makes gardening easy, efficient, healthy and rewarding.

We guarantee that the OverHead Garden will satisfy every concern you have about creating a backyard garden.

Too good to be true? We don’t think so. Here’s a list of all the reasons why the OverHead Garden is the “best backyard garden ever”

No Bending: Sure, a garden makes sense, but it’s such hard work, with all the bending, kneeling, weeding and other chores necessary to get good results. But, there is no bending or kneeling with the OverHead Garden. You do everything at waist level or higher. Weeding, shaping and tying vines is easy. Your plants are right in front of you. You pick all your produce from vines that are an easy reach upward. Gardening becomes the fun you expected it would be. You can enjoy your garden at any age.

Weed Control: Most weeds are windblown into your garden. The OverHead Garden is high enough to keep out these seeds……so, very few weeds. In addition, because there is no bending, it is easy work to pull the few weeds that do emerge….. 5-10 minutes per week is all it takes. …..really!

Efficient Use of Space: The OverHead Garden is more efficient than the normal raised bed, because the overhead wire arch allows upward growth of vines…onto the wires. The wires provide an additional 240% of growing area. A properly trimmed vine will climb as much as 7 feet on the overhead wires.
With the OverHead Garden, there is no need for walking paths, so the plants can be placed closer together. This alone raises productivity another 150% because there are more vegetables per plantable square foot. If you are space limited, this is the optimum use of your available area

Promotes Root Growth: No pathways also means that there is less compaction of the soil. Since plant roots need air, your plants are healthier. Additionally, in our design, we provide a small separation between some of the side boards, allowing even more aerification of the soil. Lots of oxygen creates maximum root growth.

Cost Savings: The price of oil and gasoline will likely increase, adding to shipping costs. Inflation will also raise the cost of food. Further, the new Federal laws regulating the production and safety of food production, will surely raise the cost of food on all of us. In difficult economic times, these changes will be hard on our budgets.

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Secure Supply: The sources of food in an emergency are a concern….our food supply could be cut off at any time! A home garden provides an alternate source of food that you are in control of. Experts believe that in 6-7 years, 20% of our produce will come from small gardens on rooftops, parking garages, backyards, etc. It only makes sense in this uncertain world to take control and that’s why a grassroots food revolution is underway. If the economy goes bad, you will have a backup food supply help you get through the emergency.

Healthy and Tasty Vegetables: The produce we get from commercial farms has lost nutrients as a result of years and years of growing in the same soil. The obvious depletion of minerals and nutrients means our vegetables are lacking in essential trace minerals. Tomatoes, onions and beets are not as juicy or tasty as they used to be. Ever notice? They’re not as healthy, either!
With the OverHead Garden, you can easily keep your soil replenished with compost, organic fertilizers, time release fertilizers and rotated soil. And remember, it’s not that hard to add new ingredients to your soil bed, because you don’t have to bend or kneel….. just mix with your hands while standing up. Control of soil quality also solves the problem of thin local soil…. the soil you create will be an upgrade.

Do You Need Still More Reasons??

Customized Design: The OverHead Garden can be equipped with a second set of arching wires…a double arch…..that further increases the amount of vertical vine growing capability. Furthermore, this double arch can be converted into a winter greenhouse by wrapping translucent poly sheet over the outer arches, ie, the outer arch becomes a skeleton for the plastic sheeting. The open ends of the Overhead Garden can be covered with more plastic sheeting attached to a modified frame, and an inexpensive strip curtain door can be added at one end. This is a very inexpensive way to make a functioning greenhouse.

Attractive Design: The OverHead Garden, with a graceful arch full of green vegetation, can be an aesthetic centerpiece for your backyard. With a path between the bed structures, it’s a lot like an arbor….the wire arch is 7 feet high.




Pest Control: The walls of the OverHead Garden are 3 feet high, so they effectively keep out rabbits, gophers, moles, dogs, and other critters. Traps, repelling devices and poisons are not necessary.


Location Flexibility: Although the OverHead Garden is usually built on the ground, it can be built on any concrete surface, such as a parking lot, roof top, or your backyard hardscape. You can put three, or even four, planter boxes side by side, with wire arches from box to box..

And A Few More Reasons……….

Better For The Planet: The average produce item travels 1500 miles to get to your table, consuming petroleum in its travels and for its refrigeration. Long distance supply lines pose a threat to reliability. Any number of events could lead to an overnight cut-off of the food supply and our grocery store shelves have only 3 days of food available at any given time.

Good For The Soul: A garden is a good place to reconnect with what is important in life and to literally stay “grounded”. It is estimated by experts that, within 6 years, urban gardening will produce 20% of our food supply. Important social change is on the way! You can be part of this change with a backyard garden, and the OverHead Garden is the best, most innovative way to do it. Don’t wait…..contact us….. and let us show you how!




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